Working closely with Onthetrack™, we are proud to present the XRPL Show. This exceptional event takes place in the X-space, hosted by XSTO. Quality Mark partners, seasoned project developers, XRPL-campus ambassadors and leading XRPL-speakers are invited to provide innovation information.

The XRPL Show provides in-depth discussions on project developments, the latest developments related to Quality mark, XRP and the XRP-Ledger, and other essential information of great value to the XRPL-community.
Our goal is to create an environment where insights are shared, innovations are discussed, and the XRPL-community comes together to explore the blockchain space. These meetings are carefully structured. to keep you abreast of the latest developments and provide you with key insights.

We believe that sharing knowledge and facilitating open and honest discussions are critical to the growth and flourishing of the XRPL-community. The XRPL Show strives to promote a broader understanding of XRP and the XRP-Ledger and ensures complete impartiality.

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