Privacy policy and Terms

Section 1: Privacy Policy

XSTO ("we", "us" or "our") are committed to protecting your privacy. We have created this privacy policy to inform our coin investors and affiliated projects of our established terms and conditions.

1.0 Personal Data
Once personal data is shared with us. We handle it with the utmost confidentiality. If a situation arises, information will only be shared with mutual approval for the project in question. We will never share personal information on our own initiative to other parties, or permission must be given. XSTO stores essential data in a hard drive, where there is a very low chance of digital leakage of the data. Non-essential data is deleted after 6 months to ensure the security of personal data.

1.1 Information you provide to us
When you contact us, we may collect personal information from you, such as email address, first and last name, wallet address, username and other information you provide. We also collect your wallet address, which may be associated with personal data when you use our service. This data is destroyed, once the issue is completed.

1.2 Coin research data
We conduct research on notified projects, which want to be service of our service. This process is done in equal vote and we will never publish an affiliated partner, without an agreement between us and the project.
The researched data will never be shared with other parties or only with mutual consent. The security remains guaranteed not to expose our integrated system to other parties than just ourselves. We keep the data on an external hard drive, as long as the connected coin, officially participates in our Rug pull prevention & Quality mark program. The data will be destroyed, once there is no longer cooperation.

Section 2: General conditions
2.0 Legal Disclaimer
It is required that you read this legal disclaimer carefully. Please seek advice from legal, financial, tax or other competent legal professionals if you are in doubt. All information provided here is not intended to be complete and should never be construed as part of any other contractual arrangements. We firmly believe that the information provided in this white paper is accurate and current and that all company products, services, technical architecture, token distribution and timelines are accurate and current. In addition, all these materials may have changed without notice, and they can never be considered a signed agreement of advice.

2.1 No Advice
By reading this white paper, no one is obligated to sign a contract or make a legally binding promise to donate. This white paper also does not constitute a form or part of an opinion that may be construed as advice or used to sell or solicit an offer from Trillions to purchase our token, nor shall it be construed as part of an effect that may be used in the formation of a contract or investment decision.

2.2 Compliance with tax obligations
Users of the XLOY currency are responsible for deciding what taxes may apply to their transactions. It is not the responsibility of the owners or authors of the website to determine which taxes apply to transactions.

2.3 Limitation of Liability
The contents of this website, including written materials, links to third-party sites, data, quotes, charts and buy/sell signals, are provided "as is." RULE assumes no liability for any loss or injury resulting from its use. Inform yourself about the risks and costs of trading assets in the financial markets (digital or otherwise). One of the riskiest investment alternatives are initial coin offerings (ICOs). There is a chance that you will lose everything you have put in.

2.4 Investment risks
Trading cryptocurrency has a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Before trading cryptocurrencies, tokens or other digital assets, carefully consider your investment goals, knowledge level and risk appetite.

2.5 Personal shared posts
Personal founders accounts may share social media messages for personal reasons. The shared messages not related to XSTO  are never considered as advice messages. The coin investor always does his or her own research before investing. He or she knows the risks of investing.

2.6 Sale of XLoyalitY or EXSTO tokens
The developers will sell XLoyalitY or EXSTO tokens in small quantities in extreme necessity. The developers will ensure that the sale gives a very minimal effect on an increase or decrease in XLoyalitY or EXSTO trading volume. The redeemed tokens should be as an added value of the XSTO project and will only be used for useful purpose.

Section 3: Project Conditions
3.0 Investment
"We" team XSTO  are never liable for the investment you lost. Trading cryptocurrency is entirely at your own risk. Do proper research on the utility of the project beforehand.

3.1 Dealing with each other
Every individual person who is part of our project should be respectful, no racist statements, pornographic and sexual orientations. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself. In case of transgressive behavior, we are authorized to remove you from our community.

3.2 Account blocking social channel
If an account will be blocked on one of our social media channels. Can the affected person submit a request via with a justification to unblock it. This will be reviewed by the XSTO  team.

Section 4: Compensation Program
XSTO  is provided with a compensation program for coin duped after a rug pull. We provide the duped coin investor with compensation that may vary by situation. At the time of a rug pull, the XSTO  team will provide a compensation amount to accommodate the coin duped investor. To claim the compensation program, please review the terms and conditions that the coin investor must meet.

4.0 Terms and conditions of the compensation program
The compensation program is only active for approved projects with the premium package and provided with green status. The premium package comes with a compensation program for the duped coin investor.
Some important criteria prepared for you:

4.1. Concept of rug pull
We speak of a rug pull when the developers of a project leave the project and run off with the investors' money.

4.2. Selling coin investors
Selling by coin investors is never considered the concept of rug pull. Coin investors can never hold us liable to actively deploy the compensation program without the rug pull caused by the developers of the project.

4.3. Rug pull caused by the developers
Once the developers of the affiliated project causes a rug pull and is provided with our premium package and green status. We will start our compensation program.

4.4. Coin holder obligation
As a coin investor you are obliged to meet certain criteria. If the coin holder does not adhere to the criteria, the compensation program will not apply to him or her.
Important criteria:
• the coin investor owns prior to the rug pull a certain amount of coins of the duped project. The coin investor has proof and can provide it, once you want to claim a compensation amount.
• the coin investor owns at least 100,000,000 XLOY before the rug pull is caused. The coin investor can provide this proof that the transactions were made prior to the rug pull.
• the coin investor gives permission to use his data, name, last name, email address, wallet address, everything necessary to provide when qualifying for the compensation program.
• the coin investor does not create turmoil or FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).
• the coin investor waits until an official message comes out from the XSTO  team. In this, the coin investor follows the instruction given.
• the developers have the right to exempt individual investors who intentionally create FUD, troublemakers and negative publications from our compensation program. The opinion of the developers is all determinant of ineligibility for the compensation program.

Section 5: Rug pull prevention & Quality mark
For the content regarding our rug pull prevention & Quality mark go to the description about our rug pull prevention & Quality mark program. This section describes the conditions associated with our project.

5.0 Coin developers obligation
The affiliated project has been approved by our researchers.
What obligation do the coin developers have towards the coin investors and us?
• the coin developers always give permission to start coin research. Without permission we will not start research. This is always done in consultation.
• the seal will be assigned only after payment. The payment should be made in XRP (Ripple). This payment will have to be transferred to the designated team marketing wallet address raAUF1aHAdXAUKmpPdnxveSquKUvtagYQB
• the coin developer has identified and verified themselves (e.g. KYC).
• the coin developers provide all necessary information, which is essential for our researchers to issue our seal of approval.
• the coin developers have established a long-term vision and mission and strive for security for the coin investors.
• the registered coin is always in operation for more than 3 months. The date of registration is the date of registration on XPmarket.
• the coin developers always report if problems have arisen that are of interest to us and can damage our project.
• as an affiliated project you must have a whitepaper, roadmap, mission, vision, website and one or more social channels. There should always be a community path to the coin developers and coin investors.
• the coin developers are aware of all the conditions set by XSTO  Here the coin developers bear their own responsibility.
• the coin developers will never harm our project and create unrest. The coin developers will never deliberately damage the project XSTO.

5.1 Obligation coin investor
• the coin investor knows his or her risks when investing crypto. (This is entirely at their own risk)
• the coin investor is aware of and agrees with the conditions and privacy policy that our project has drawn up.
• the coin investor is responsible to stay informed about our project developments. This can be through all website and social channels that we offer for our coin investors.
• the coin investor always does his or her own research beforehand, once he or she invests in an approved project of XSTO. The coin investor agrees and knows his or her risks of investing.
• as a coin investor you ask questions in case of uncertainties. This can be done through or through our offered social channels.
• the coin investor does not create unrest or FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). When creating unrest or FUD, the coin may receive a warning. With three warnings, the coin can get an orange status.

5.2 Obligation founders XSTO
• the developers of XSTO  are transparent. The coin developers and investors can ask questions via the social channels provided or via
• the developers do worthy research and never create unrest or FUD.
• the researchers and developers never publish notified projects that do not qualify for our seal of approval.
• the developers have an obligation to remain alert to any problems related to an approved project. The developers take responsibility, as soon as criminal and harmful activities are performed.
• the developers communicate changes and developments through the social channels provided. We have a duty to keep our affiliated coin developers and coin investment informed of the latest developments.
• we will never intentionally harm a project and intentionally defraud our coin investors.
• we will always comply with our privacy policy and terms and conditions.
• no harm or turmoil will ever be intentionally created. We strive to provide a safe XRPL network for our coin developers and investors.
• joint choices about the project will be submitted to our Gold Member community.
• "We", "us" or "our" developers are always the deciding factor in choices and decisions. The final and ultimate choice is given by the developers of XSTO.

Section 6: Gold Member community
As a Gold Member you are the voice for the community. What are your obligations as a Gold Member?
• as a Gold Member you are responsible to be aware of all the conditions that XSTO  sets for its coin investors.
• the Gold Member you agree with the terms and conditions we have drawn up.
• the Gold Member meets the predefined criteria. He or she assumes responsibility once the Gold Member no longer meets the eligibility requirements associated with being a Gold Member. The Gold Member has the responsibility to report this to one of the coin developers.
• the Gold Member is obligated to base his or her choice on the interests of the community, own and developers.
• the Gold Member does not intentionally create FUD and presents himself or herself to the outside world as a representative for the community.

The privacy policy and terms and conditions were released on January 13, 2024 The rights have been retained to the XSTO team. Are there any questions or comments about our terms and conditions. Please send an email to