Gold member

Within the XSTO ecosystem, Gold Members play a vital role as a bridge between the development team and the mainstream community. This exclusive status brings with it significant responsibilities and privileges, giving Gold Members a crucial position in shaping the future of the ecosystem.

Gold Members have a unique and innovative say that goes beyond passive involvement. They have the privilege of actively contributing to decision-making processes within XSTO, with their voices and insights having a substantial impact on the direction of the project. This opportunity for active participation underscores the value XSTO places on the opinions and involvement of Gold Members.

To achieve exclusive Gold Member status, significant involvement is required. Gold Members must hold a minimum of 3 billion XLoyalitY tokens, attesting to their substantial investment in the ecosystem. This financial commitment not only demonstrates dedication, but also provides access to the highly respected Gold Member Community.

The Gold Members Community is a protected and exclusive environment within the Telegram platform, where members can interact closely with other leading stakeholders in the ecosystem. This community provides a unique opportunity for high-level knowledge sharing, discussions and collaboration, giving Gold Members direct access to the latest developments and insights within XSTO.

Membership in the Gold Members Community is not simply a privilege; it represents a commitment to continually improving and innovating the XRPL ecosystem. Gold Members play a key role in facilitating these improvements through their contributions and votes, enabling XSTO to optimize processes and meet the needs of XRPL-users.

In short, Gold Member status within XSTO is a recognition of commitment, an opportunity to actively contribute to decision-making, and a gateway to an exclusive community of like-minded stakeholders. It is a role that goes beyond mere membership; it represents a partnership in shaping the future of the XRPL ecosystem.

 What benefits for Gold Member?

  • Approved partner airdrop platform
  • Double voting rights
  • Exclusive Telegram chat
  • Gold Member status
  • Extra rewards
  • Idea submission

Approved partner airdrop platform
Every 3 weeks there will be a coin drop from one or more approved partners. With this we want to create a bond between the token holder and the co-founder. Keep an eye on the chat as to which line of trust should be set up.

Double Voting
If voting is required, a Gold Member's vote counts double. Therefore, there will always be a vote within Gold Member's Telegram group first. After that, voting will take place for the regular XSTO community.

Exclusive Telegram chat
A private Telegram group where news will be posted first. You will get in touch with all exclusive Gold Members of XSTO. 

Gold Member status
Gold member status after your name in the Official chat. After verification via wallet address, this name will be awarded. This is on a voluntary basis. Coins from the burn program, count towards the total amount.

Additional rewards
There will be a drawing every three weeks. Prizes may include: XLoyalitY, approved partners coins, additional rewards for all Gold Members, XRP and/or an exclusive NFT (personalized).

Submit an idea.
If a Gold Member submits an idea and it is implemented? then this Gold Member will be rewarded with a reward. This can range from XLoyalitY, EXSTO, approved partner tokens, XRP and/or NFT).