Filter Research Systeem (FRS)
Last FRS update performed: 1.3(1) 01/09/2024, 18.38

The Filter Research System (FRS) within XSTO's Quality Mark program uses several key criteria to evaluate projects within the XRPL-Secure-Ecosystem. These criteria are designed to thoroughly assess rug pull prevention, safety, reliability and quality of projects. Here are some of the most crucial aspects that meet our Quality mark.

• Safety and security: Assessment of the measures a project takes to ensure
the safety and security of its platform and users. This includes smart contract
security, data encryption, KYC, Doxing and other cybersecurity measures.

• Transparency and openness: Evaluation of how open and transparent a
project is about its operation, use of funds, and decision-making processes.
This can include disclosure of code, white papers, and financial reports.

• Development team and management: Analysis of the experience, expertise,
and background of the team behind the project. This may also include
checking their previous work experience and credibility in the community.

• Project roadmap and feasibility: Assessment of the project's long-term
plans, including the feasibility of the stated goals, the clarity of the roadmap
and the extent to which the project is making consistent progress.

• Financial stability and sustainability: Examines the financial health of the
project, including funding sources, token economics and ability to remain
viable over the long term.

• Community and user engagement: Evaluation of the extent to which the
project has an active and engaged community, including user participation,
feedback mechanisms and community support.

• Criteria compliance: Assessment of how well the project meets XSTO's
criteria, which is essential for risk management on the XRP Ledger.

• Innovation and uniqueness: Analysis of the project's unique value
proposition, solution innovativeness and contribution to the XRPL-Secure

• Risk Assessment: Evaluation of potential risks associated with the project,
including technological, market, and operational risks.

These criteria are critical to ensuring that projects that are part of the XRPL-Secure-
Ecosystem meet high standards of quality and reliability, and that they contribute
positively to the ecosystem. The FRS plays a key role in ensuring integrity, safety and
rug pull prevention within the XRPL-Secure-Ecosystem.