Quality mark plus

  • xSTIK (Quality mark plus)
  • Magnetic (Quality mark plus)
  • Denarii DFI (Quality mark plus)
  • xGO (Quality mark plus)
  • Lucretius (Quality mark plus)
  • Rocket Launch (Quality mark plus)
  • OpenEgg (Quality mark plus)
  • Snwoman Y Club (Quality mark plus)
  • Gorilla X Warfare (Quality mark plus)
  • ShibaNFT (Quality mark plus)
  • XQuake (Quality mark plus)
  • Chilled X Chimps (Quality mark plus)
  • Paleocoin (Quality mark plus)
  • Malaya Infinity (Quality mark plus)
  • XBOT Club (Quality mark plus)

• Plus status: Our Quality mark plus represents the highest recognition within the XRPL-Secure-Ecosystem. Projects reaching this level have participated in innovative developments within the XRPL-Secure-Ecosystem. The endorsement is considered plus in that it has given a positive impact in XSTO developments.

Extensive marketing support: Projects at this level enjoy the maximum marketing support XSTO has to offer, including prominent mention in all communication channels and marketing campaigns.
Exclusive access to the Gold Member community: This level offers exclusive access to the Gold Member community, a prestigious networking group that provides the opportunity for direct interaction with top investors, industry leaders and other key stakeholders within the XRPL-Secure Ecosystem.

To thank our partners, XSTO has developed a security program that reflects confidence to project developers and investors.

Extra security for investors: Projects have access to XSTO's compensation program. This program provides additional protection to investors from potential risks such as rug pulls, which significantly increases confidence in these projects.
Key differentiator: Access to the compensation program is a key benefit that differentiates this level from the Quality mark seal and underscores XSTO's commitment to ensuring investment security within the XRPL-Secure Ecosystem.
Compensation program to get more in-depth information about our integrated system.

Strategic deployment of 1000 XRP
Flexible investment options: The required investment of 1000 XRP for the Quality mark plus can be used strategically for a range of purposes that benefit the project and the ecosystem, such as:
Token burn: Reducing the total token supply of XLoyalitY or EXSTO to increase the value of the remaining tokens.
Token investment: Investing 1000 XRP in XLoyalitY or EXSTO-token after choice. The purchased tokens remain in possession of the investing project.
Technology upgrades: Investing in advanced technologies or platform upgrades that benefit the project and the XRPL-Secure Ecosystem.
Marketing efforts: Fund extensive marketing campaigns to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the project.
Innovation fund: Establish a fund to support innovative ideas within the XRPL-Secure-Ecosystem, contributing to the overall. growth and diversity of the ecosystem.