Compensation program

In our ongoing commitment to ensuring integrity and security within the XRPL ecosystem, we recognize the phenomenon of "rug pulls" as a significant threat. A 'rug pull' occurs when developers of a project unexpectedly withdraw, taking funds from investors. To counter such risks, we have established a compensation program specifically to protect coin investors from potential losses caused by Quality Mark-plus projects.

This compensation program depends on a number of essential conditions that must be met by both the development team and investors. For investors, the following criteria are important:
• Possession of a significant amount of coins of the project in question before the rug pull, with the necessary proof.
• Possession of at least 20 XRP values of XLoyalitY tokens prior to the rug pull, with proof of the transactions. The higher the tier, the more compensation that the duped investor receives. 

Compensation Tier:

  • Tier 1: Own 20 XRP token values to XLoyalitY
  • Tier 2: Own 100 XRP token values to XLoyalitY
  • Tier 3: Own 500 XRP token values to XLoyalitY
  • Tier 4: Own 1500 XRP token values to XLoyalitY
  • Tier 5: Own 3000 XRP token values to XLoyalitY
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• Consent to the use of personal data as part of the compensation program.
• Not creating unrest or FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).
• Following official communications and instructions from the XSTO team.

In addition, we set strict criteria for Quality Mark projects:
• Permission of the coin developers to research their project.
• Verification and identification of the coin developers (e.g., through KYC).
• Provision of all necessary information for our assessment.
• A long-term vision and mission focused on the security of coin investors.
• A minimum operational duration of three months.
• Ongoing communication on relevant developments and potential issues.
• The presence of a white paper, roadmap, mission, vision, website and social channels.
• Awareness and acceptance of the conditions set by XSTO.

We stress the importance of carefully reading our terms and conditions for investment to ensure a safe and informed investment decision.