General Terms and Conditions XLoyalitY

  • 1.1 an investment is always at your own risk. Only spend what your willing to lose as Crypto is very volatile.
  • 1.2 A registered coin is only a member of the Rug pull prevention & Quality mark program provided by XLoyalitY. Confirmation of membership will sent from XLoyalitY to the project directly.
  • 1.3 All officially registered coins are listed on the website of If your coinmaker is not listed here, please send an email to Coinmakers not listed on the website, have not passed the XLoyalitY Rug pull prevention & Quality mark.
  • 1.4 XLoyalitY cannot guarentee safety from a project rug pull. However, the project will undergo a strict vetting process to recieve the stamp of approval that it is a safe investment.
  • 1.5 XLoyalitY will attempt to compensate anyone affected by a rug pull if the project has passed the XLoyalitY affiliated Rug pull prevention & Quality mark.
  • 1.6 If a rug pull is caused by an officially registered coin of the Rug pull prevention & Quality mark. XLoyalitY will then announce a  notice via the official website and Twitter as soon as possible. After this notification the coin owner needs to fill out the reporting form on the XLoyalitY website within 3 days.
  • 1.7 Each rug pull will be evaluated individually by the team of XLoyalitY.
  • 1.8 XLoyalitY always decides itself, in what amount XLoyalitY coins will be given away for compensation to the coinholder. The decision is leading. This can only be changed by an official decision of the XLoyalitY dev team.
  • 1.9 The coin holder of the scamcoin is not entitled to XLoyalitY coins or any other means of payment. XLoyalitY tries to compensate the coin holder. XLoyalitY never pays in any other currency.  XLoyalitY only pays in its own currency, XLoyalitY-coin.
  • 1.10 The rug pull only applies if the founder of the coin causes a rug pull. A large private sale is not associated with our rug pull program. The rug pull compensation program only applies if the coin's founders sell themselves.
  • 1.11 The coin that is an official member of the Rug Pull Prevention & Quality Mark is never entitled to compensation after causing a rug pull
  • 1.12 The coin that causes the back pull and is a member of the Rug pull prevention & Quality mark is never entitled to be compensated for the amount deposited when signing up.
  • 1.13 XLoyalitY coin and team can never be held liable.
  • 1.14 To claim the compensation program, the coinholder must hold a minimum of 10 million XLoyalitY. Without holding 10 million XLoyalitY, the coinholder is not eligible.

Specific conditions

  • The coin is at least older than 3 months.
  • The coinmaker has received an official recognition from XLoyalitY, that the coin is affiliated with the Rug pull prevention & Quality mark.

Coin status

Status: green

  • The coin is reliable. Meets the criteria set by XLoyalitY.

Status: orange

  • The coin is not active for a specific reason. The reason is described in the registered coin. As soon as the problem is solved, the coin will be green again. The founder will be informed in advance of the occurred problem. The coin founder gets a time appointment imposed by the founders of XLoyalitY. If this time has passed XLoyalitY will bring the news outside. The responsibility is with the coin founder. XLoyalitY can never be held liable for this. XLoyalitY is not responsible for the coin at that time. If there is a back pull from the coin founder this falls outside the XLoyalitY compensation program.

Status: red

  • The coin does not meet the requirements of XLoyalitY. XLoyalitY removes the coin from the registered list. The coin holders are not eligible for the compensation program. This decision is made by XLoyalitY. XLoyalitY is not responsible for the consequences of code red.