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Team XLoyalitY is ensuring security in the XRPL network. Novice and existing coins can apply to become secure. The guarantee for the customer is central. To combat rug pulls, XLoyalitY has developed a Rug pull prevention & Quality mark hallmark to show customers that the coin is trustworthy. XLoyalitY does research on the starting or existing coin and has pre-set criteria. If the coinmaker meets the predetermined criteria, the coin qualifies for the XLoyalitY security Rug pull prevention & Quality mark. Hereby the coin and customer are insured.

By registering with XLoyalitY you participate in the monthly voting for free. This provides you as a coinmaker with extra promotional material and you are promoted 24 hours, 7 days on our website.


What do you need to do?
There is a form at the bottom of this page. Please fill out this form honestly. You will receive a receipt from us within 0-3 business days. Within 5 after the receipt confirmation you will be notified if XLoyalitY agrees to insure your coin.

Monthly voting for 'Coin of the Month
Each month, voting will take place in the second week to determine who may become the "Coin of the Month." After the 168-hour voting, the three winners will be announced. In the third week of the month, voting will begin for a chance to become "Coin of the Month. This vote must be submitted through our official website,

The coin holders who have XLoyalitY and the winning coin will be rewarded with a reward in XLoyalitY.

XLoyalitY will provide promotion through social media channels. A lot of attention will be paid to put the coin in the spotlight. We want to give the coins extra attention. We are proud of our customers.

What are the costs?
Each coin maker is required to transfer 200 XRP values upon approval of the application and obtaining our official Rug pull prevention & Quality mark. This is used for promotional materials, think videos and hiring promoters.

Are you interested? Fill out the form quickly. If you have questions, send an email to