Team XLoyalitY is ensuring security in the XRPL network. Novice and existing coins can apply to become secure. The guarantee for the customer is central. To combat rug pulls, XLoyalitY has developed a hallmark to show customers that the coin is trustworthy. XLoyalitY does research on the starting or existing coin and has pre-set criteria. If the coinmaker meets the predetermined criteria, the coin qualifies for the XLoyalitY Rug pull prevention & Quality mark seal. This assures you as a customer of a fair coin on the XRPL network.
If the coin carries the security seal and causes a rug pull, you as a customer will be compensated. Who would not want that? For more information, please look under the heading 'Rug pull prevention & Quality mark (general)'.



Monthly voting for 'Coin of the Month
Every month, voting is started in the second week to determine who has a claim to become the 'Coin of the Month'. After the 168-hour voting, the three winners will be announced. In the 3rd week of the month, voting begins for a chance to become 'Coin of the Month'. This voting must be submitted via our official website,



If you are the holder of the winning coin and you have XLoyalitY in your wallet, then you are entitled to an extra reward of XLoyalitY coins. Go to the website and register and participate.
(Make sure both trustline and coins are on 1 wallet. You can enter 1 wallet address)