Coin status:


Status: green

  • The coin is reliable. Meets the criteria set by XLoyalitY.

Status: orange

  • The coin is not active for a specific reason. The reason is described in the registered coin. As soon as the problem is solved, the coin will be green again. The founder will be informed in advance of the occurred problem. The coin founder gets a time appointment imposed by the founders of XLoyalitY. If this time has passed XLoyalitY will bring the news outside. The responsibility is with the coin founder. XLoyalitY can never be held liable for this. XLoyalitY is not responsible for the coin at that time. If there is a back pull from the coin founder this falls outside the XLoyalitY compensation program.

Status: red

  • The coin does not meet the requirements of XLoyalitY. XLoyalitY removes the coin from the registered list. The coin holders are not eligible for the compensation program. This decision is made by XLoyalitY. XLoyalitY is not responsible for the consequences of code red.