Rug pull prevention & Quality mark

Team XLoyalitY is ensuring security in the XRPL network. Novice and existing coins can apply to become secure. The guarantee for the customer is central. To combat rug pulls, XLoyalitY has developed a security hallmark to show customers that the coin is trustworthy. XLoyalitY does research on the starting or existing coin and has pre-set criteria. If the coinmaker meets the predetermined criteria, the coin qualifies for the XLoyalitY Rug pull prevention & Quality mark. This assures you as a customer of an honest coin on the XRPL network.

To ensure the security of the approved coin, we as XLoyalitY have developed a compensation program. This is to guarantee to the customer. If the approved coin causes a rug pull, XLoyalitY works as insurance of you coin.

At the time of compensation, XLoyalitY will determine about what amount of compensation is guaranteed to the buyer. This depends on the size, market volume and other criteria XLoyalitY has determined in advance. The compensation amount will be published on XLoyalitY's official website,

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