Non-Fungible Token (NFt)

XLoyalitY NFTs is under development. The first run was 10 NFTs, some of which are still available. We also have an official Formula 1 edition, which team are you for?

We are focusing on new NFTs. We are having the NFTs developed by artists. More about this will follow soon.

Want to check out our NFT collection. Go to the button below. We have our entire collection on Sologenic.

NFT collection Sologenic

NFT collection #GOLD BOY

NFT staking: Yes

'Gold Member Collection'

Starts on November 1, 2022

Quantity: 1 billion $XLOY available

DurationL: 1 year (52 weeks)

Weekly: 19 million distributed to the number of Gold Boy NFT holders.

Drop day: Tuesday

NFT collection # ROCKETBOY

NFT staking: No

NFT collection #LOYMOON

NFT staking: No

NFT collection #MOONBOY

NFT staking: No