Mining pool Magnetic DEX



Magnetic is changing the traditional view of token distribution. Magnetic introduces the new concept of Proof Of Trade. Trade and get! The Magnetic currency, MAG token, will only be be distributed by Proof Of Trade and mining. As a team has no share and will deliberately not airdrop, as the team is not allowed to touch the tokens. The tokens, will only be distributed with Proof Of Trade. Magnetic is launching a DEX, where people can mine tokens just by trading! For each trade, you can get MAG. By trading for certain coins, you can get approved partners currency trade from XSTO. Many projects are already affiliated, think RLT, XCC, ShibaNFT, Lucretius and xSTIK. Other tokens affiliated with Magnetic and participating in the XRPL network can also be traded. The mining pools are presented on the website. The mining process can be repeated every hour, making
you will receive rewards after 60 minutes. Magnetic strives to provide user-friendly
interfaces for XRPL users.

In addition to the DEX, there is a Telegram bot, which can be used to open NFT Box; raffles will also be held regularly in the MagneticTicketBot. For more information, visit the website.

Check out the manual created, which contains information on how the mining pool works.