Gold Member

Our exclusive group consists of great holders of XLoyalitY. It complements the existing community with additional benefits. Are you worth the vote for your community? Then be quick. Currently there are 80 seats available for exclusive members. Who wouldn't want to be an exclusive Gold Member of XLoyalitY.

Requirements for admission

Coin possession.
To become a member of this group there is a minimum requirement of 3 billion XLOY total (3,000,000,000 XLOY) burnt tokens are associated with the total amount of holden.

Number of seats
80 seats are available in the exclusive Gold Member group. Full is full.
(As soon as someone leaves the group, the first application that had to wait will be admitted to the exclusive Gold Member group)

Approved coin founders
The founder of our approved coins are always admitted to the exclusive Gold Member group. The founder seat is not included in the total spots of 80. Thus, they are not counted in the total group.

What advantages to Gold Member

  • Approved partner airdrop platform
  • Double voting rights
  • Exclusive Telegram chat
  • Gold Member status
  • Extra rewards
  • Idea submission

Approved partner airdrop platform
Every 3 weeks there will be a coin drop from one or more approved partners. By doing so, we want to establish a bond between the token holder and the co-founder. Please keep an eye on the chat which trust line should be set up.

Double vote.
If a vote is required, the vote of a Gold Member counts double. Therefore, there will always be a vote within the Gold Member Telegram group first. After this, a vote will take place for the regular XLoyalitY community.

Exclusive Telegram chat
A private Telegram group where news will be posted first. You will get in touch with all exclusive Gold Members of XLoyalitY. Who doesn't want that?

Gold Member status
Gold member status after your name in the Official chat. After verification via wallet address, this name will be assigned. This is on a Voluntary basis. Coins from the burning program, count towards the total amount.

Extra rewards
There will be a draw every three weeks. Prizes may include: $XLOY, approved partners coins, extra reward for all Gold Members, XRP and/or an exclusive NFT (personalized).

Submit an idea.
If any Gold Member submits an idea and it will be implemented? then this Gold Member will be rewarded with a reward. This can range from XLOY, approved partners coins, XRP and/ or NFT).

Gold Member NFT collection


Comply with the rules

When you own $XLOY coins, inclusive what you burned you may join our gold member club. Send a e-mail to or send a Telegram message to @DESOXYQ or @xrp_grolsch.

What are you sending?

  • Name Telegram
  • Wallet Address
  • Print screen of your XLOY tokens (including burning tokens)

(Limit additional posts, due to processing all gold members. Once approved you will be allowed into our Gold Member chat).