Our approved partner Rocket Launch has developed a Token Burner Bot. This is a system that allows users to burn XRPL tokens and receive a daily reward for doing so.

For burning RLT, users receive not only passive income, but also RLT points.

What are these points for? 

The answer is simple, for burning other tokens. For example, to burn 4500000 XLoyalitY, you need 1 RLT point. So to burn 50 million XLoyalitY you need something like 12 points, you need to burn 12,000 RLT.

You don't burn RLT just for the points! You burn them in pools with returns of 10, 20 or 40% in 3 months. So you get double income from XLoyalitY and RLT.
After confirming the burn transaction, your portfolio address will be entered into the system and from that day you will start receiving daily rewards. This happens around 18:00 UTC.

For more information, visit the button below. You can also participate in our social chats.