About us

 We started this project with a team of 4 enthusiastic members
who have been active in the XRPL network for quite some time.
We are all living in the Netherlands and started a collaboration,
due to regular Rug pulls by tokens in the XRPL network. This is
annoying for everyone and therefore we started a new coin.

Whitepaper & Roadmap 1.4 (October 24, 2022)

Whitepaper & Roadmap


XLoyalitY founders consists of four individuals who reside in the Netherlands. The founders of XLoyalitY are brothers and friends. The founders have been functioning on the XRPL network for a long time. After being hit with a back pull several times by scamcoin. Have the founders of XLoyalitY developed a concept to give scamcoins no chance.
XLoyalitY stands for security in the XRPL network. Security for the individual buyer and coin-founder. We want to create a a safe platform to show coin buyers when a coin is safe. XLoyalitY issues its Rug pull prevention & Quality mark of approval to coin-founders who have been researched and are safe for the XRPL network. XLoyalitY aims to provide confidence to the buyer through its established compensation program. The compensation program is used in the case of an approved coin with the XLoyalitY seal of approval, where a rug pull is caused from the coin-founders. Read more about this under the heading 'compensation program'.
XLoyalitY works with its partners to make the XRPL network secure. By interacting directly with coin-founders, XLoyalitY aims to keep the network secure within the platform.
XLoyalitY is building a stable and reliable community. We want to build a stable community through Discord, Twitter and Telegram. Daily messages are posted on Twitter, Discord and Telegram. In this way we want to keep in touch with the XLoyalitY community. On certain themes the community will vote via Twitter. As founders we find it important that there is open communication with our community. Building together on our project.


XLoyalitY will be the dominant platform for secure coins. The XRPL-network will see the XLoyalitY hallmark as a prerequisite for building a community. In the future, the private buyer will look for the presence of the XLoyalitY Rug pull prevention & Quality mark seal of approval. The XLoyalitY hallmark serves as a trademark on the XRPL-network in which scamcoins will have no chance in the future. The private buyer will not invest in a coin that does not have the XLoyalitY hallmark.


XLoyalitY did not do an airdrop beforehand to get coins into circulation. The XLoyalitY founders have chosen to hand out weekly rewards to the community. XLoyalitY founders also chose to put 10% of the total supply into the pre-sale. This is done to give investors a fair chance. The pre-sale consists of three phases. Before a new pre-sale wall is put down the community will vote to give their opinion if needed. We want to do this in consultation with the community. The voting will be done on XLoyality's social channels. This is Twitter, Discord and Telegram.